Take pledge to save environment

The earth is enriched with natural beauty. Its huge biodiversity has assuaged the human desire to survive. There are millions of lives in this planet and all of them survive by complementing each other.

5 June every year, globally celebrate World Environment Day. The main motive of this day is to spread awareness among the general people. This day is observed so that people take social actions for protecting their environment. This year the day celebrating in a different situation – In the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Preserving the biodiversity of the world is really important at this point as we have damaged the environment drastically. Our daily activities have let immense amount of pollution. Deforestation, burning fossil fuel, combustion from car exhausts,animal poaching, dumping of wastes and many more human actions have resulted in global warming. Which cause frequent natural disasters.

South Asian Countries like Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan has also experienced many natural hazards. Between Bangladesh and India many disaster protected by world largest mangrove forest Sundarban.

During the pandemic corona virus lock down the nature has revived again. It was glooming in its own rhythm. Animals started roaming around the planet fearlessly. But some terrifying news headlines caught our attention, pregnant elephant was killed mercilessly in Kerala. The report suggests that it was given a pineapple filled with cracker to eat.

Animal Mithu, a wildlife reporter from Bangladesh reported that within last few months more than eleven dolphin died in the country. Some of them were poached and others died when got hit by motor boats and ships in Cox’s Bazar.

Recently in many regions of Bangladesh fishing cats are brutally killed by local people of the countryside. Due to lack of knowledge the rural people are petrified of these cats; even though, they’re harmless to humans.

All the species are vital for this planet. Both plants and animals are important in order to preserve world’s biodiversity. International team of biologists have predicted that by 2050 about 15 to 37 percent species will be extinct. One of the main reasons why animals are killed around the globe at mass scale is because of weak law enforcement. Even if there are laws, people are unaware of the existing laws.

Many people don’t have proper knowledge about global warming, biodiversity, causes of pollution and etc. In this capitalist society we hardly care about the environment. Saving the environment was never our top priority. It’s something politician have always ignored. But we only find activists, nature and animal lovers talking about these issues. None has ever taken a step to solve the problem. So far, very few awareness campaigns have been arranged for saving the nature.

The nature is always trying to repair the damages caused by human activities. Let’s celebrate the World’s Environment Day 2020 differently. Let’s raise our voice to save our planet. Cause it’s not loo late, we still have time. Let’s propagate the message of urgency of saving the species. We can still protect the animals from getting extinct if all of us work together to save the earth. Happy world’s environment day to all of us.