Survival of a tiger cub in BD zoo

A new offspring of Bengal Tiger family at chattogram zoo in Bangladesh is fighting its survival battle. Due to lack of care and food, the cub became weak and was in critical condition, which led the other two of the triplet die. Special measures have been taken by the authority to make it win the survival battle.

Shahadat Hossain Shuvo, acting curator of chattogram zoo said, the tigress didn’t feed the cubs and two cubs died due to starvation. The survived cub’s situation is now improving but it’s not still out of danger. It might take a few months to recover if it takes efficient food regularly.

The survived cub is taken under zoo authority’s observation where it’s being bottle-fed every four hours around the clock. Excluding the direct fosterer, everybody else is forbidden to go near it.

On 14th November, Raj-Joya tiger couple had their triplet off springs born. After giving birth, the tigress suckled the cubs only once. After the death of first cub the authority decided to separate them from the mother.

About the adverse behavior of the tigress towards the babies, the authority passed their justification that first pregnancy and captivity made the tigress show abnormal behavior.

There are six tigers in chattogram Zoo including two males and four females. Bengal Tiger couple Raj-Pori gave birth to three offspring on 23rd July of 2018. Among them two were white tiger and the other one was orange-black striped.

A white cub died on the next day. Survived white female cub was named Shuvra and the orange-black striped female cub was named Jaya. Jaya gave birth to three cubs on 14th November.

Moreover, Pori gave birth to two cubs on 30th December of 2019. But one of them died on the next day. The survived cub was taken in the incubator and after that in a curtained cage for three months. After recovering, it was named Corona due to the pandemic.