Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarins take their name from their impressive manes—thick rings of hair reminiscent of Africa’s great cats. The golden lion tamarin may be the most beautiful of the four lion tamarin species. Its abundant golden hair frames a charismatic black face and covers its small body and tail. Despite their name, these rare primates have far more in common with their monkey relatives than any feline.

Scientific name- Leontopithecus rosalia. It’s one of the endangered monkey species. The animal roams over a very small area along the Atlantic Ocean southeast of Brazil. The Tamarin monkeys’ habitats have been destroyed as forests have been turned into human habitats.

According to a 1992 survey, only 562 tamarins survived in the wild nature at that time. At a stage this species decreased to 200. Soon after, the Brazilian government and some organizations took the initiative to save the Tamarins.

Roaming field & IUCN Red list status of Golden Lion Tamarin.

At present, there are about 1400 Tamarins in the world with all the sanctuaries of the natural environment. The endangered species has been included in the 2015 IUCN Red List of Nature Conservation. To the animal.

The golden lion tamarin forms social family groups. Males help to raise their offspring, and often carry their young on their backs in between feedings. Tamarin young are usually twins.

Golden lions live primarily in the trees. They sleep in hollows at night and forage by day while traveling from branch to branch. Long fingers help them stay aloft and snare insects, fruit, lizards, and birds.

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