Fascinating Gesture of Macaques after conflicts

Photo: Collected

Most animals are very possessive about their territory and will do anything to defend it. In monkey society, this has became a reason of battle to depict their power. Old grudges and past battles fuel their hostility towards each other.

In their tribes everyone is an individual and has liberty to follow their freedom of choice. Friends fight for each other and rivals can be killed. After violent fights and murders there are also compassion and concerns. The wounded ones are nursed and nurtured by the other monkeys.

Macaques is one of the monkey class. Macaques are seen native to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and some neighboring counties. There also diversely spread in other parts of the world too.

Barbary macaque live in Gibraltar. Found in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco along with a small population of uncertain origin in Gibraltar, the Barbary macaque is one of the best-known Old World monkey species.

Like other monkey troops the males fight among each other to gain superiority in the tribe. The interesting part comes after the conflict, the loser has to apologize to sustain his social position in the group.

To gain support after conflict the one who lost will borrow a little monkey baby and present it to the winner as a gift of friendship.

We humans smile at each other as a friendly gesture like us monkey chatter their teeth to revive harmony in the troop. The females keep vigilant eyes on the baby so that the little soul is unharmed. When the loser is forgiven by the victor it returns the baby to it’s mother due to it’s incapability of parenting.