‘Captivity Assists in Animal Conservation’

Lion at Bangladesh Zoo. Photo: Bengal Discover

The never-ending argument over the effectiveness of animal captivity in zoo and aquariums is near to closure when Sir David Attenborough defends its utility in animal conservation. According to Sir Attenborough, zoos and aquariums save species from going extinct.

A group of animal activists thinks that bounding animals makes them deprived of their freedom of roaming around in wildlife and complex relationship with the neighbors. Other group defends the ethics of zoo and aquarium as these facilitate the lives of animals.

Sir Attenborough suspects the adverse environment of wildlife for the high reduction rate of animals. Either the any natural incident is making it impossible for them survive in the wildlife or it is the humans unmindful activities.

Deforestation, illegal hunting, unplanned industrialization etc. are the reason behind imbalance of biodiversity and global warming. These things can take animals to extinction and not long after humans too. He applaud New Zealand’s initiatives for the conservation of the local species. He also mentioned the Arabian Oryx, an almost extinct species of antelope.

Zoos, private collectors from America and Europe gathered the ones from their collection for breeding. After they increased enough in numbers, they were freed in wild. This incident justified the captivity of animals in urgency.

Defending the ethics of captivating animals continued with distinguishing the animals to captivate on the basis of their habit and size. As an example, unlike monkeys, squirrels, aquaria, eagles should not be caged. It’s not easy for all the animals to adapt with bound life even if there are facilities of food and security.

Lastly, Sir David Attenborough pointed out the importance of seeing the animals in flesh. Unless humans can see these animals alive and realize their beauty and importance, the conservation activities won’t be successful.

His documentary series “A Perfect Planet” will be showing how zoos and aquariums are boosting the conservation efforts and protecting mother nature from losing her off-springs.