30 percent ocean need to protected by 2030

Oceans are one of majestic beauty of nature. The oceans provide tremendous amount of oxygen even more than the rain forests of the earth. Maximum amount of food comes from the ocean. It purifies the drinking water, most importantly, helps to regulate the climate.

Seventy percent of our planet is consist of oceans. There are more organisms living in the ocean than on land. Data suggests that about 95 percent of world’s total species live in the oceans.

June 8th is the world’s ocean day. This year the theme of the day is innovation for a sustainable ocean. This day mainly exists to remind all the generation about the urgency to mend the environment. It’s an opportunity to guide and engage people together to create a healthy ocean.

Our daily activities had lead to various problems and pollution is the heinous of all. Mammoth amount of rubbish mainly plastic wastes are dumped into the ocean . about 80 percent of Earth’s trash ends up in the water bodies.

Researchers apprised that every year 6.4 million of tons of plastics are discarded into ocean. This has lead to a dreadful consequence, each year one million seabirds and 100 thousand aquatic mammals die due to ingestion of plastics.

Experts said, 30 percent of world’s oceans need to be protected by 2030. If 30 percent water bodies are safeguarded, it can ensure healthy homes for all the lives in the planet. This critical necessity is called 30×30.

Environmentalists have also predicted that by 2050, the amount of wastes will be greater than the amount of fishes in the blue planet. All these mess occurred only to fulfill the needs of the human through innovations.

This year, environmental activists has decided to promote the innovations that sustain the environment. This means, companies will produce innovative goods which will use small amount of resources and be least harmful to the planet.

The easiest way we can protect this blue parts of the earth is by having a proper disposal system. We can have different trash can for each material. For instance, a separate bin for throwing plastic. This creates an efficient recycling mechanism.

Most of the plastics that we throw can be used to make new useful products such a park bench, dustbins, playground equipment and etc. This not only reduces the amount of landfills and oceanic pollution but also help saving energy which can be later used to do other important tasks.

Blue planet is essentially for the world. Let’s propagate the message of saving the ocean to people who are unaware of it . World’s ocean day is the perfect day to start it .